Mike Chapman is a well-known public speaker on a variety of topics and is available for speeches at your events. He has appeared on over 200 radio talk shows, and has been featured on TV shows on networks such as A&E, ESPN, Fox & Friends and Iowa Public Television. He has met and/or interviewed a wide range of celebrities, including Ronald Reagan, Muhammad Ali, Robert Redford, numerous Olympic champions and former movie Tarzans Denny Miller and Bruce Bennett (aka Herman Brix).

Since starting Iowa History Journal in January of 2009, Mike Chapman has been in demand as a speaker all across the state. He has given over a dozen speeches the past year – ranging from service clubs in large cities to school classes in small towns. He has more speaking engagements lined up in the coming months.

If you are interested in learning about Mike giving a speech at one of your functions, you can contact him here to inquire about details and fees. The costs are very low and are basically to cover travel expenses and travel time.

Mr. Chapman is available to give speeches on:

  • Achilles, the Trojan War and Greek Mythology
    The speech discusses who was Achilles, what really caused the Trojan War (was it the abduction of the princess Helen?) and if the Greeks of that era really believed in centaurs (half man, half horse), and gods and goddesses—and if so, why. Mike is the author of a novel entitled Achilles: Son of Peleus, Scourge of Troy. In 2006, he visited the site of the ancient Trojan War, in Turkey. He is an expert on Achilles and the Trojan War era.
  • The Stories of Fred and Nile
    Mike tells the inspiring stories of two great All-American football players from the University of Iowa who died in war serving their country: Fred Becker (World War I) and Nile Kinnick (World War II); a motivational story about athletics, academics and patriotism, sure to inspire young and old alike.
  • From Gotch to Gable: Why Iowa Has Such A strong wrestling tradition
    How One Man—Frank Gotch—is largely responsible for Iowa’s love affair with the sport of wrestling, and how another man—Dan Gable—helps to keep the flame burning.
  • Iowans of Impact
    Mike travels the state to give speeches about famous Iowans — from John Wayne to Herbert Hoover, from Dr. Norman Borlaug to Donna Reed… from Mason City’s Music Man Meredith Willson to Buffalo Bill…. from Nile Kinnick, Iowa’s only Heisman Trophy winner, to Doreen Wilber, Iowa’s first female Olympic champion (archery, 1972). It’s a compelling look back at the people who have made Iowa so remarkable and is a speech that is designed to create interest among young students and senior citizens alike.
  • How to prepare for an exciting career in journalism
    Is the newspaper world dying? How about writing books and magazine articles? Or even movie screenplays? Mike uses the experience of his 35 years in journalism to “Tell it like it is…”
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“Mike Chapman presented our club with a lively, laugh-filled, eye-opening review of famous Iowans, from Nile Kinnick to Dan Gable and everyone in between. Plus, he offered an unforgettable travelogue about his long-sought visit to the Plain of Troy. He is perfect for all kinds of organizations because his style and material are fresh, funny and a delight to hear!”

Kathie Swift, President,
The Friendship Force of Greater Des Moines

“Mike Chapman…is undoubtedly one of the best speakers I have heard for a long, long time. The whole group felt that way and lined up to visit with him after the meeting. His great wife Bev also came with him.”

Nancy Johns,
Program chair, Northwest Rotary, Urbandale, Iowa

“Mike Chapman has a real way with words. Combine that with enthusiasm, knowledge and experience and you get the best speaker I have ever listened to. He is the slap in the back you need when getting ready for competition.”

Hesston Johnson,
Wrestling Coach, Independence High School

“The crowd loved hearing Mike Chapman talk about Iowans of impact at our “Specifically for Seniors” program. He’s a dynamic speaker and the depth of his research shows in all the fascinating details he shares about his subjects. As the people were leaving, one lady said, ‘I could listen to him for two more hours!”

Cindy Henry,
Burlington Public Library

“Mike lights up the room when he talks about his heroes — those who are too often unrecognized but whose values built and sustain this country. It is truly inspiring to hear of his vast array of interests and projects in multiple media. No one will leave the presentation early — you don’t want to miss his next story!”

Sharon Miller,
Executive Director, School and Community relations,
Waterloo Community School Districts

“Thank you so much for your entertaining and informative presentation at our Lions December 13th meeting. Your book, Triumph and Tragedy: The Inspiring Stories of Four Football Legends, left us all thirsty for more of your writings. Your superb research and presentation regarding Iowa heroes is truly inspirational.”

Carol Krantman,
3rd Vice President, Marshalltown Noon Lions Club

“Mike: Your recent presentation to the Daybreak Rotary was superb! Thanks for taking the time to spread your infectious energy. I could tell by all the nods and intent looks around the room that “you had ’em hooked.” Within hours, I had a minimum of half-dozen people telling me that was a highlight of the whole past year for club presentations. Your message on the core importance of history for Iowa’s present and future was and is a golden theme. Again, kudos on the masterful storytelling. THAT was a meeting that will echo throughout the year!”

Steve Carpenter,
Director of Marketing, Kirkwood Community College

“Mike Chapman served as guest author at the fifth Annual Writer’s Workshop for Hoover/Lou Henry students, grades 4-8, in May of 2009. The author of 20 books encouraged, informed, entertained, challenged, excited and inspired the students to WRITE. It was a tremendous experience for our students.”

Donna Huff,
Facilitator, Hoover/Lou Henry Writer’s Workshop, Waterloo

“Our students found Mike Chapman’s presentations to be captivating. He offers a range of experiences and areas of expertise. With compelling content and delivery, our students listened spellbound. Mike is a story-teller of both ancient and contemporary text. His narratives make us proud to be Iowans who live the values and lessons conveyed in his stories — that of hard work, pride, sacrifice, dedication, and goal-setting. Students coming from the Chapman presentation leave with the affirmation that it is worthy to be a decent human being who works daily to fulfill potential.”

Jan Meyers,
Talented and gifted program teacher, Spencer School District

“Mike Chapman recently spoke at the Stanton Cultural Center. His topic on great sports legends in Iowa history was one of best and most enlightening presentations I have ever attended. Both young and old were equally entertained and fascinated by Mr. Chapman’s knowledge and ability to hold an audience’s attention. As a storyteller he is unequalled.”

Don Hicks,
Stanton School Administrator