Published Books (in chronological order)

Two Guys Named Dan (Medallist Publications, 1976)
The story of wrestling icons Dan Gable and Dan Hodge.

Kings of the Mat (Enterprise Publishing Co., 1978)
The story of the rise of the University of Iowa wrestling program.

From Gotch to Gable (the University of Iowa Press, 1981)
A history of wrestling in the state of Iowa and the entire Untied States.

Evy and the Hawks: The Glory Years (Leisure Press, 1982)
The story of football coach Forest Evashesvki. Co-written with Brian Chapman.

The Toughest Men in Sports (Leisure Press, 1983)
The stories of 11 great one-on-one athletes, including Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee. Rocky Marciano, Jack Dempsey, Dan Gable, etc.

The New Breed: Living Iowa Wrestling (Leisure Press, 1985)
Co-authored with 1984 Olympic champion Lou Banach.

Iowans of Impact (Enterprise Publishing, 1985)
The stories of 25 Iowans who excelled — including President Herbert Hoover, Nile Kinnick, John Wayne, Donna Reed, Frank Gotch and Bob Feller.

Fighting Back: The Bob Steenlage Story (Bob Steenlage Publications, 1988)
The story of one man’s journey from athletic stardom to the Vietnam War, and back from the edge of death. Bob was the first four-time state wrestling champion in Iowa history.

GOTCH: World’s Greatest Wrestler (Hein Publications, 1988)
The story of wrestling legend Frank Gotch.

The Encyclopedia of American Wrestling (Human Kinetics, 1988)
A 586-page book full of statistics about wrestling.

Nick and the Cyclones (Human Kinetics, 1989)
The story of the Iowa State University wrestling program under legendary coach Dr. Harold Nichols.

Gotch: An American Hero (Culture House Books, 1999)
A novel about Frank Gotch, tracing his life from his youth on an Iowa farm to the pinnacle of the sports world. In his peak years, Gotch was the popular athlete in America. The book has been sold to a Hollywood movie company, Empire Film Group.

Please Don’t Call Me Tarzan (Culture House Books, 2001)
A biography of movie actor Herman Brix (aka Bruce Bennett). Brix made two Tarzan movies in the 1930s and appeared in over 120 films during career. He was an Olympic silver medalist in 1928 in the shot put, won six national titles, and appeared in the 1927 Rose Bowl for the University of Washington.

The Gold and The Glory (Culture House Books, 2002)
A biography of Glenn Morris, 1936 Olympic decathlon champion and movie Tarzan. Morris skyrocketed to fame in the Berlin Olympics, played Tarzan once (in 1938) and played for the Detroit Lions in the NFL. He served gallantly in the United States Navy as a beachmaster during WWII, eventually suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The Sport of Lincoln (Culture House Books, 2003)
The story of Abe Lincoln’s historic wrestling match with Jack Armstrong in New Salem, Illinois, in 1832. The booklet has a beautiful color artwork of Lincoln and Armstrong wrestling and is loaded with picture, illustrations and facts about Lincoln’s years in New Salem.

Lowell Park (McMillen Publishing Co., 2003)
A historical novel about a young woman’s journey back in time to meet Abe Lincoln in 1832 and Ronald Reagan in 1932, in a place called Lowell Park. The rights to the book have been sold to Empire Film Group and the film is slated to being shooting in the near future.

ACHILLES: Son of Peleus, Scourge of Troy (Culture House, 2004)
Historical novel about the greatest hero of the Trojan War. The novel explains the myths behind Achilles’ birth, marriage to a princess of Skyros, his incredible exploits at Troy, his death, and the emergence of his mythology.

Tom Tyler: From Cowboy Star to Super Hero (Culture House Books, 2004)
129 pages, a biography of 1930s film star Tom Tyler. He was a major “B” cowboy star, national weightlifting champion, and serial actor playing heroes like the Phantom and Captain Marvel before being struck down by tragedy at age 50.

Wrestling Tough (Human Kinetics, 2005)
The mental side of sports told through many stories on world-class wrestlers, 268 pages.

Legends of the Mat (Culture House Books, 2007)
The biographies of 34 American amateur wrestling champions (including Dan Hodge, John Smith, Cael Sanderson, Bruce Baumgartner, Tom and Terry Brands, and many more), 188 pages and loaded with photos.

Frank Gotch: His Life and Legacy (Paladin Press, Boulder, CO, 2008)
The book provides an in-depth look at the incredible career of America’s greatest professional wrestler. With a length of 148 pages, it offers 90 photos, many of which have never been published before.

Oklahoma Shooter: The Dan Hodge Story (Culture House Books, 2009)
The book takes the reader through the career of the only man in history to win national titles in boxing and wrestling. The author spent hundreds of hours with Dan Hodge discussing his great career, as both an amateur and professional superstar. 188 pages, 80 photos.

Triumph & Tragedy: the Inspiring Stories of Football Legends, Fred Becker, Jack Trice, Nile Kinnick, and Johnny Bright (Culture House Books, 2010)
The hardbound book tells the stories of four icons who excelled in athletics and in life. Fred Becker, Iowa’s first all-american, gave his life fighting in WWI; Jack Trice died as the result of an injury in his second football game for Iowa State; Nile Kinnick won the Heisman Trophy in 1939 and was AP Male Athlete of the Year, but lost his life as a fighter pilot during WWII; and Johnny Bright led the entire nation in total offense three straight years while playing at Drake University but was the victim of one of the ugliest moments in collegiate sports history. Loaded with photos, most of them not seen for half a century or more.

SIDDENS! Co-written by Don Huff and Mike Chapman (DWH Productions, 2010)
The amazing story of Bob Siddens, wrestling coach at West Waterloo High School for 27 years. During that time Siddens led the Wahawks to 11 state titles and 8 runner up spots. Forward by Dan Gable and nearly 50 photos.

CADDOCK: Walnut’s Wrestling Wonder (Culture House Books, 2012)
Earl Caddock won three AAU national titles and then turned professional and was world heavyweight champion from 1917 to 1920. He fought in World War I, suffering lung damage from a gas attack. Back in his hometown of Walnut, Iowa, he raised a family, was a successful businessman and a devout Christian. It is a story of heroism and patriotism. 88 pages, with many photos.

Mike Chapman’s Super Book on Wrestling Trivia. (Culture House, 2013)
This is a lively romp through the history of Mankind’s Oldest Sport, going back 5000 years to ancient Sumer and Greece, with sections on wrestling in antiquity, college, the Olympics, armed services, show business and even pro wrestling and mixed martial arts. Loaded with photos — including artwork of Jacob wrestling the Angel of the Lord, Tom Cruise wrestling in “Born on the Fourth of July” and Rulon Gardner against Alexander Karelin — the book is designed to be both educational AND entertaining at the same time. The foreword was written by United States Congressman Jim Jordan, former two-time NCAA wrestling champion at Wisconsin.

Pendleton (Culture House, 2015)
A biography of one of the greatest wrestlers of the early 20th century who went on to a long and successful career in Hollywood.  Born in Iowa, Nat Pendleton was an undefeated college wrestler at Columbia University in New York City and won a silver medal in the 1920 Olympics.  Moving to Hollywood, he carved out a very successful film career that stretched nearly 30 years.  The book is loaded with rare photos from his wrestling career and from the many movies he appeared in.  A fascinating look at a bygone era.

Iowa’s Record Setting Governor: The Terry Branstad Story (Business Publications of Iowa, 2015)
An in-depth look at the live and career of the most successful politician in the history of the state of Iowa, this book takes the reader from Branstad’s early years on a farm in northern Iowa to the Governor’s office in Des Moines.  The author interviewed over 30 top professionals from around the nation and friends of the young Terry Branstad who grew up in Leland and attended school in Forest City.  The book is loaded with photos of the Governor’s early life and his political career.